Microbial Resource Center for Fermentation and Brewing

Research Activities

<Microorganism Collection and Database Building>

The key organisms in fermentation and brewing are kōji mold, yeast, and lactic acid bacteria. The Microbial Resource Center for Fermentation and Brewing aims to help grow the fermentation industry by studying these three fermentation organisms. The center gathers exhaustive collections of kōji mold, yeast, and lactic acid bacteria primarily from foods and natural environments in Shiga Prefecture and aims to characterize these microorganisms, analyze their fermentation properties, and build databases from the obtained data.

<Research with Microbial Resources>

The manufacturing processes of many fermented foods use a mixture of multiple microbial species. The center will use the microorganisms to elucidate mechanisms of microbial interaction and pursue this research with the aim of developing new fermented foods.

<Fostering Researchers and a Positive Social Impact>

This research project is a cross-department project of the Faculty of Agriculture that will hold regular research presentations and help encourage exchange and improve interest in research among undergraduate and graduate students. The center also aims to develop collaborative research and return the findings of research to the fermentation and brewing industry through the provision of microbial resources.